Treebo Band - Tour Schedule

Noel Lorica - The band leader, composer & lead guitarist is originally from Manila, Philippines. Noel drives the band with creative incorporation of his life's journey. Soulful haunting melodies to a vibrant sound that takes you from the beaches of Brazil to the clubs of America & back to the cultural mix of South Florida.....Photo Courtesy of Lorenzo Cassina

Noel Lorica

Arturo Afanador - Drums - Rhythm Guitar - Bass : Former Radio DJ in Colombia, Arturo understands what drives a song. He not only is a Kick-Ass drummer but a skilled acoustic guitarist as well. Known for his Latin beats & vibrant rhythms and for the girls.....his sauve demeanor.....Photo Courtesy of Lorenzo Cassina

Arturo Afanador

Cheryl Bell -Vocals & Accent Percussion: Cheryl adds a refreshing dimension to the band with her strong folk style and soul searching interpretations. Having moved down from New Jersey to the Palm Beaches two years ago she has made a strong mark in the canvas of the music of Treebo.

Cheryl Bell

Z Washington- Vocals & Accent Percussion: Three years ago we introduced a fresh new talent from New York. Her R&B voice has grown into something marvelously packed with beauty, spirit & power which will make you kick back, groove & enjoy

Z Washington

Katherine Troche - Vocals, Keyboard & Accent Percussion - Another of Treebo's journeymen coming at a young age from Venezuela.  Her Spanish soul and powerful voice is a perfect match to heart of Treebo's music .....Photo Courtesy of Lorenzo Cassina

Katherine Troche

Steve Constantino - Bass. Steve is a wickedly awesome bass player from Massachuetts and has been with the band for over 4 years. Steve embraces each song with a crafted and unique style striving to bring creativity to help Treebo obtain their distinct sound.

Steve Constantino